Bonnie Clarke, MPH is a Master Certified Coach with 35 years experience working with organizational leaders in all stages of career evolution and renewal. Bonnie excels in helping people...

  • access untapped wisdom
  • uncover blind spots
  • communicate masterfully
  • take bold action courageously
  • align actions with intentions
  • manage conflict compassionately

Bonnie has designed leadership and learning experiences for hundreds of people who have profoundly redesigned their professional and personal lives.

No one "needs" a coach, but everyone deserves and benefits from having an objective, skilled and supportive thought partner at key career junctions and life transitions.






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YOUwant more out of everything – yourself, your colleagues, your business, your staff – and are determined to get it.


    Typical Clients

Healthcare & Medical Executives/Staff
Legal Professionals
Non-Profit Administrators/Staff
Business Owners & Corporate Executives/Staff

Midlife Career Changers

Iam tough but gentle, truthful but kind, determined but patient...and insist that learning and change can be enjoyable. 


    Specialty Areas

Courageous, Accountable Leadership
Critical Communication & Decision Skills
Emotional, Social & Relationship Intelligence
Transitions: roles, professions, goals, loss

WEsee your challenges as opportunities.

Together, we'll identify goals and obstacles, design a bold plan of action, strategize and experiment, celebrate and recalibrate. Together, we'll focus on what really matters: the determination to be the CEO of your own life.

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Bonnie Clarke, MPH, MCC, Learning Resources, LLC
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